Monday, November 19, 2012

Where's Bruce? (final)

Here's Bruce!

Since the last time we saw her, Bruce has developed a deep fascination with game items that begin with the letter S. Her favorite S-item is the strawberry, since it goes so well with her super classy outfit. While there are many fakes and pretenders, you can tell who the real Bruce is because she never appears anywhere without her beloved strawberry at her feet.

Find Bruce! (click to enlarge) (then click again to enlarge for real)

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Here's the same image, with numbers.

Fun Facts and Other Stuff

Exactly 125 different people participated in this, the final edition. A grand total of 289 figures are shown, including six non-player characters and 28 fake Bruces. With two exceptions, everyone in this image appears exactly twice.

The two exceptions are Itsatrap, who has been Brucing up since the beginning and seems to have difficulty remembering which version of Bruce is the current one, and so appears three times (once for each outfit), and Dahlia DreadNaught, who nagged me about how long it was taking and so to retaliate I put her in five times.

Several people did not actually submit snaps or sprite sheets yet ended up in the picture anyhow. PickleJuice is someone I ran across in the wild looking perfectly Brucey and is shown with permission. Misty Power left an empty reply on the forum thread so I put her in too, either as punishment or reward (I haven't figured out which). And finally, marrvel was just an innocent bystander in a snap by gilbert whisper but demonstrated such great taste in fashion that I had to include her too.

When looking back over the thread, I realized Gadzooks had left a comment, too, without actually submitting a snap. I meant to go back and include her (or him), but then lots of bad things happened and I never got around to it. Sorry, Gadzooks.

Of the 125 people who jumped in this time, 58 were repeat victims who had appeared in at least one of the two previous editions. A total of 28 people participated in all three.

At the time of this writing there are 53 identifiable, droppable game items that officially begin with the letter S. At the start of this edition there were 54, but "Salmon" has since been replaced by "Pocket Salmon."

I was going to put together a bunch of information about people who appeared with game items beginning with the letter S, but I scrapped that. Partly out of heartbreak and partly to just hurry up and get this up before Glitch closes its doors. Still, I want to thank Oopsy Daisy, Marylilamb and natsumi for helping me look through all the images and forum thread replies to make sure I didn't miss anyone. Oopsy Daisy, in particular, devoted lots of time and effort to the S-item thing, and I'm sorry to not include the cool data she collected.

There may have been another minion, I mean helper, in there somewhere. Was there another helper? If you helped and I forgot to thank you, know that in my secret heart I threw giant parties of gratitude in your honor.

Many thanks, too, to Herp Derp, who provided secret help behind the scenes when I was having trouble with the background, and who generously offered to host this edition's images at Glitch Strategy.

And of course, thank you to everyone who participated! Without you this would be, well, just a picture of one lonely Bruce and a strawberry. 

Finally, as promised, here's the image to check to see if you found the real Bruce: Where's Bruce Cheat Sheet. Or if you just want to see who's who. This image has an overlay with the names of all participants.

P.S. I've enabled anonymous comments. If you want to leave a comment here rather than over in the forum (which will be going away soon), you can do so by choosing "Anonymous" from the drop-down menu where it says "Comment as." You can also comment with your Glitch name by choosing "Name/URL" and simply leaving the URL part blank.

Also, this link will take you back to the Glitch forum thread.


  1. Awesome! How did you get the rare items vendor to dress up?


  2. I told it that both the Smuggler and Fox Ranger were dressing up, and if it didn't dress up too then everyone would think it was totally uncool.

  3. Love it Sirentist - thanks again for all the fun, and all your hard work on this (and your minions too!!)

    Ama Gad <3

  4. This is excellent! Thank you for asking me to participate.

  5. Thank you Sirentist - may the Bruce be with you always!

  6. That looks so cool! I think I'll make it my desktop for a while, in memory of Glitch. Cheers, and thanks for all your work!

  7. This was sooooo much fun to take part in. I am one of the 28 that participated in all three. Thanks so much for including me in this wonderful project Sirentist:)

  8. BRUCE 4 EVAR!

    Thanks for making Glitch a glitchier place, Sirentist.

  9. Sirentist, sooooo splendiforous!!! Where's Bruce was one of my favorite things. Thank you. I miss playing with all of you beautiful glitches.