Monday, July 16, 2012

Where's Bruce? (2)

Here’s Bruce!

And aww, look! Bruce has a little friend. They’re inseparable. Bruce doesn't appear anywhere these days without her new rube cubimal.

Find Bruce!

(Click to enlarge, then click again to enlarge enlarge. If you're on a slow connection, you can try this slightly smaller version. Again, click to enlarge.)

(Those of you who like the numbers to refer to can find a numbered version here. I don't have to explain the clicking thing again, right?)

But watch out for imposters. There are nineteen this time, including one from the last project whom I found wandering around in a confused state, asking for directions to Inari Deeps. One other Glitch also looks like he escaped from the previous edition, which is really weird because according to my records he never even appeared in the first round. Yeah, The Cat Face: I’m making skinny eyes at YOU.

Other fun facts:

According to the feedback I got from last go-around, no one who participates in these things actually tries to find Bruce until she or he has found her or his own self.

One hundred and fifteen different Glitchen appear in this edition of Where’s Bruce? This is about 50 fewer participants than last time, but I made up for it by cloning most of them. Eighty-two Glitchen appear twice, and one shows up three times. If you submitted snapshots of yourself in more than one pose, I put you in more than once.

Roughly half of the participants were repeat victims.

Several people submitted snapshots of themselves in teleport pose, and as someone who’s barely coordinated enough to manage an intentional triple jump, never mind get the camera going and the snapshot snapped in that half-second before teleporting, I’m totally impressed. Of course, maybe they just have super laggy connections compared to mine. I’m still impressed.

(Herp Derp also appears in teleport pose but that totally doesn’t count because he submitted a spritesheet rather than a regular snapshot, and of course I picked the most ridiculous pose. That’s what we did last time, too, and I feel pretty committed to portraying him in ridiculous TP pose from now until the end of time.)

Five and a half non-player characters also appear, including a small talkative one whose Brucefication was suggested by Abby Cadabra. Abby was also kind enough to host these images so we don’t have to deal with stupid Picasa’s stupid interface this time. She also did magic things to the original image so it wouldn't take seventeen years to load. Yay Abby! Big thanks on all counts!

And finally, a little story. What do you mean I write stuff that’s too long? You’re still reading, aren’t you?

One day as I was working on this project, a young (level 18 at the time) Glitch appeared randomly on my home street. Her name was zooftra and she looked like this:

Of course being my super subtle and socially-sophisticated self, I immediately had to yell, “You’re looking beautifully Brucey today!”

There was a pause and then she very politely said, “Um, thank you?”

And I realized she had not Bruced herself up on purpose. She knew nothing of the Where’s Bruce? project. She was a completely coincidental rogue Bruce. I don’t even know if she’d ever browsed the forums. So of course I took a screenshot and then told her I had to put her in the final picture. I think she was okay with that. So, welcome, zooftra! Our very first inadvertent, possibly involuntary, Bruce. Hooray!

Speaking of reluctant victims, there was one person who caught me on a cranky day and I yelled at her for saying she might not have time to participate. To Magic Monkey I offer an abashed apology for stomping around like a bratty five-year-old just because you happen to have a real life.

Once again, thanks to all who participated. I wanted to give the repeat victims gold stars but all I had were asterisks.

Abby Cadabra
*a lifted pixel
*Ama Gad
A Predictable Fate
Aw, sloth knockers!
Beans, Obviously
*Brib Annie
Calamity Snood
cam cam
*Candy Warhol
Carthago Creases
*Dr. Babycat
Duck Bill Platty
Ellis Bell
Fern Connelly
glum pudding
*Herp Derp
*Jesus Christ
*Jewel Stoned
Lazy Cubimal
*Little Miss Giggles
Loki Laufeyson (Rory Pond)
*Lord Bacon-o
Magic Monkey
Melismata Rookwood
*mira gaia maia
Miss Cailia
Miss Peacock
Mocha Maid
*Mr. Mindor
MX Ghostie
*Not a Princess
Otto Otto
Pale Queen
Super Jeebs
syntax error
The Cat Face
the Countess
*Virginia Moon
*Voluptua Sneezelips

P.S. Some people have changed their names since submitting snapshots. Let me know if you want me to put your new name in. I considered trying to keep track but yeah. Didn't happen.

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